Thanksgiving Day Snippet



Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

While Thanksgiving was not my mother’s favorite holiday, she always played a key role in the meal – she made and brought the CHOCOLATE STEAM PUDDING with her famous FLUFFY SAUCE!

While I don’t have a picture, I decided to share a little snippet from the memoir in honor of the impending holiday. Please keep in mind this is a draft and the final result may look quite different.

For many years we celebrated Thanksgiving with my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bill Grimes (no blood relation). After dinner, Mum got up from the table to make the fluffy sauce.

“Wouldn’t cool whip work?” Uncle Bill asked, a little exasperated, as he wiped his hands on his apron, one Mum had made him the Christmas before.

“No Grizz. What makes it so yummy is the whipping cream combined with the egg whites and the egg yokes.”

“Just seems like a –”

“Oh get out of my way and let me make it.”

First, the egg yokes were separated from the egg whites. They were then mixed with the hand mixer until they began to peak. The beaters were washed.

“Can I do the egg whites?” I’d ask as Mum placed the clean beaters back into their respective slots in the hand mixer. She taught me how to move the beaters around in the metal bowl, turning it slowly when I was probably five. The noise and vibration of the beaters on the metal meant Thanksgiving. But my arm always grew too tired for the last and longest part – mixing the whipping cream. Once it was done, the egg yokes were folded into the egg whites, which were then folded into the whipped whipping cream. Mum added lots of sugar and vanilla, tasted it with her finger, and added more sugar and vanilla. The whole process took at least twenty minutes.

Everyone gathered at the table once again and Mum cut the chocolate steam pudding and generously poured the fluffy sauce over the top. Aunt Barbara was always the only one to ask for a small “sliver.” I refused to even try it because as a kid, I didn’t really like chocolate that much. I was out of college a couple of years before I learned just how delicious the combination of the dense chocolate pudding, really more of a cake, smothered in the vanilla sauce that looked like partially melted ice cream, could be.

To this day, it doesn’t truly feel like Thanksgiving or Christmas if the chocolate steam pudding doesn’t make an appearance.

Happy Thanksgiving – be thankful for those who will be at your table, and remember those who are no longer with us with love.


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