Pictures Never Lie or Do They: Part Two

In Part One, I told you that I found a picture of Don (her first husband) and Mum, and Mum is holding a baby (aka the mystery baby). Seeing that picture as jarring and led to a sleepless night. It was a start reminder that Mum lived for 42 years before I was born and I really know very little about her life before me.

I couldn’t help but stare at the picture of her and Don and the baby. I started looking at the time line. The scrapbook ended in 1943 and Christopher was born in 1947, so I had a four-year gap. I had no way to move forward, so I decided to work backwards.

I searched online for Christopher’s birth certificate, but had difficulty because I had forgotten he was born in California. I turned to, where I finally found it. So he was born August 18, 1947. This meant Raymond and my mother had to have been married at some point in 1946. Once again, I couldn’t find a marriage certificate. I searched and searched and ended up finding it on Mum and Raymond were married on October 11, 1946 in California.


That still left me with a two and a half-to-three year gap. To divert my attention for a moment, I looked through another box of photos and came across the picture above.


As you can see, it’s dated by Superior Snaps as November 28, 1947. There is only one problem with this photograph. It’s Mum with her first husband. Talk about throwing a wrench in things.

The more I learn, the more I am confused.


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