Maine Bound


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I am headed to Maine tomorrow for fun. I will be staying with my BFF Muffy, and I will also see long-time family friend, Gail Grimes. Yes, we’ll be eating some “lob-stah!” I will see others, some of whom I’ve known for a long time and others I’ve met in the past couple of years. I’m going up for Christmas Prelude.

Yesterday, I was trying to remember the first Christmas Prelude. It was in the early 1980s and the town of Kennebunkport looked magical, however, I have to admit that I thought Santa arriving in a lobster boat was a bit on the tacky side. The shops had mulled cider, Christmas cookies, chocolates, and candy canes. During the 1996 Prelude, Muffy and I took our kids to watch the tree lighting. It was snowing heavily and I still remember pushing the stroller through the five or six inches of unplowed snow.

As I have reminisced about Prelude over the past few days, I have also thought about Mum and if I had an extra day, what type of research I would do while home. I would spend hours at the Kennebunk Free Library and go through all the old microfilm of the York County Coast Star looking for articles written about Mum’s involvement with the Historical Commission, she referred to it as the Hysterical Commission, and the Planning Board.

While I won’t have that kind of time, I will feel a little closer to Mum as I drive by Maine House, headed to the Port, to ring in the holiday season in the 2nd best Christmas town in America!



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