Kennebunk Free Library

As it ended up, I had a little bit of time on Friday to spend in the Kennebunk Free Library. There is something about walking into a library that makes me feel like there are endless possibilities afloat.

As I climbed the eight to ten steps toward the circulation desk, I thought to myself it would be great if Allison Atkins was available to assist me. Funny enough, she was. As you remember from my previous post, I had hoped to figure out the years Mum served on the Planning Board and the Historic Commission. The microfilm for the York County Coast Star was held in a locked room across from the Circulation Desk. Allison pulled 1977 and 1978 for me and then set me up on the microfilm machine. I made it through the first half of 1977, but found very little – no mention of Mum actually. I took a few notes on some of the shops that have since closed, but that was it. With no better timeframe, looking through each edition of the weekly newspaper would take hours and hours.

As I rewound the microfilm, I remembered we got a town Annual Report every year. I asked Allison if they held copies of the reports or if I had to go to the Town Hall. We went back to the microfilm room and she handed me 1971 to 1979. I took them to the beautiful reading room and began looking through them.


Happy to report, I found what I was looking for! Once again, thank you to Allison and the Kennebunk Free Library.


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