Homeward Bound

My daughter, Emily, is headed getting ready to board a plane to return home after her first semester overseas. I have spent the past few days thinking a great deal about what it must have been like for my mother to have me return home from college.

In all honesty, I went to college an hour north versus across the pond, but for the first time I am wondering how Mum felt to have me return home. I don’t think a child can put him or herself into his/her parent’s shoes until they experience something as a parent.

For me, I didn’t think about Emily being so far away or her homecoming until December 1st, when I could say – “Emily will be home in 19 days.” Well, tomorrow she will be home and I’m excited, can’t wait to see her.

I remember Mum saying, “I was ready for you to go to College, but I was even more ready to have you come home for Christmas. That first Christmas [1987] our relationship changed – it moved from parent/child to a more adult relationship. I’ll always be your mother,” she said, “but I knew we were on a more even keel.”

I can’t wait to pick Em up at the airport tomorrow.


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