Finding Time to Write…


Most writers struggle at some point or another to avoid giving into the multitude of distractions present each and every day – laundry, paying bills, vacuuming. Of course not all distractions are bad – a phone call from and old friend, a luncheon, or time with your child. My eldest daughter returned home from college two days ago and I’m loving every minute I get to spend with her.

Whether it is the return of a loved one, the holidays, or whatever the happy distraction, it is still important to find time to write. I have to admit, I haven’t been very successful, but I have come up with a plan:

  • Be realistic – during this busy time, I should not expect to log in hours a day of writing time
  • Find a good time – for me that’s before my kids get up in the morning
  • No regrets – if your planned time doesn’t work out, it’s okay
  • Be open – sometimes a free hour opens up unexpectedly, take advantage of those moments

Tonight I had not planned to write, but my younger daughter went to bed early, my son is working, and my older daughter went out with friends. I didn’t have the emotional energy to dive into my memoir work, but I took advantage of this time to write this post.

I hope you find your time to write!


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