Happy New Year – Who is This Mystery Baby?

I just returned from seeing “Spotlight.” It was very well done – I expect there will be some big awards. I was most impressed with the portrayal of the investigative journalism. It got me to thinking about the mystery baby, the close proximity between Don’s 35-day leave in the summer of 1945 and the wedding date of October 11, 1946 to Raymond, and the date stamp on the back of a photo of Mum and Don.

I wish I had two things:

  • Closer proximity to Boston (Fall River)
  • Better investigative skills

Since I don’t live close enough to Boston to just visit for a day, I will have to wait until I can visit. But before I can do that I need to sharpen my investigative skills. I think what that really means is being able to look at something – a piece of information, a picture – look beyond it, ask questions, and think about it differently.

So here is the picture of the mystery baby, here’s what I see:


Mum is holding “mystery baby,” Don is sitting next to her, looking uncomfortable. He is wearing his uniform, and had his coat draped over his shoes. The baby doesn’t appear to be any older than four-to-six months. I can’t tell if the baby is a boy or a girl, but the facial features are different from my half brother, Christopher, who was born in 1947. Since Don is wearing his uniform, and I know he served in the armed forces for 6 months after the end of the war, and she is wearing a wedding ring, I can conclude that this picture was taken somewhere between 1943 and early 1946. Since there are leaves on the trees, I can also conclude that it is June to September 1943 or June to September 1944 or June to September 1945. I also know that he was overseas from at least February 1945 until the summer when he had a 35-day leave. This helps narrow the possibilities a bit more, but I still don’t have an answer.

So, here’s what I need:

  • Don’s military records
  • Mum and Don’s divorce decree
  • Mum’s medical records

Although I won’t get these today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, I can at delve in and think about the missing pieces to Mum’s life puzzle and make lists, so when an opportunity presents itself, I can take full advantage.

Tell me about your investigative skills…


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