Thoughts on Editing Help…

While I have a couple more vignettes to write, my editor brain is chomping at the bit to dig in and get to work. Anne Lamont wrote a wonderful essay entitled, “Shitty First Drafts” and I have no doubt that much of what I have written to date will impress few. But I know the guts are there, nuggets that will help paint a picture for whomever choses to read this memoir when it is complete.

So where will I begin? At this very moment, I can’t say. I recently told a colleague that I would sit on the floor with all of the vignettes to figure out what I actually have. She gave me that Oh honey no look and then told me about this software, Scrivener. She explained it wouldn’t work for a short story, but for longer projects, it makes it easy to move pieces and parts around as one edits. From the little bit of research I have done, it serves as both a word processor, as well as a project management tool.

It isn’t that expensive, and this is by no means an endorsement for this product as I haven’t used it, but I am thinking about getting it and taking it for an editorial test run.

Before I press the purchase button, I would ask you – do you use any type of project management tool to write or edit your work? If so, I would love to hear about your experience.


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