Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day


The other day I was pondering my mother’s view on holidays. Christmas was by far her favorite, but she never let others slip by without some sort of acknowledgement. It was often a Hallmark card, maybe it was a box of Peeps, or a little trinket.Despite her worries, her workload, she never forgot.

Those little efforts meant a great deal to me as a kid and as an adult. While I was in college, the Valentine’s Day card was sent to me. When I was working in Boston, it was also mailed. She never wrote a long note – she usually signed it “Luv, Mum” and the date. I always thought it was funny she wrote the date with her fountain pen, but now I treasure that. I don’t have many of those cards, but the few I have, I always find myself looking at the date and thinking about how old I was when I received the card. In some weird cosmic way, it makes me feel closer to her.

Like most people, my behavior is influenced by the traditions my mother instilled. I too recognize the holidays. Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy to pick out two Hallmark cards. $6.99 a card – and all I could think – Mum would flip over in her grave at that price. I put the cards back and came home and made my cards.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Photo: Courtesy of http://www.wonderfullywomen.com

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