My Muse

Okay, so I went MIA with this blog. I started a new job, which is awesome – I love it. One unexpected benefit – my creative juices are bubbling. One reason for the return – my commute. Now I ride the train. I actually worried I would hate the commute, but I enjoy the time to read and edit. In the 7 weeks I’ve been working, I have read 3 books and one manuscript. This simple act of reading has become my muse.

I also have my first writing group meeting this week, and I’m really looking forward to it. Writing groups help keep writers honest, productive.

I do have to admit I have been stuck on the whole mystery baby thing. I can’t, however, let that stump me and stop me from writing the memoir. I have to accept that I might never find the answers. Today, a former student suggested that I hire a detective. I hadn’t really considered that.

Ultimately, I would love to spend a week in Massachusetts and New Hampshire sleuthing around myself, preparing to digest whatever tidbits of information I might find.

For now, however, I just need to write.


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